New to Yoga

Deciding that you want to start doing yoga is the first step!!!

What is yoga?

Yoga combines mind (focus and attention), energy ( breathing practices) and body (movement and postures).Yoga gives you true fitness and brings inner-strength, clarity and calmness.

Benefits of yoga

Yoga offers a myriad of benefits physically, mentally and emotionally to help us live our lives to the fullest.

Health maintenance

  • decreases blood pressure
  • lowers the pulse rate
  • massages all the internal glands and organs of the body in a thorough manner which prevents disease

Complete detoxification

  • improves circulation by gently stretching muscles and joints and massaging the various organs
  • transports nutrients and oxygen throughout the body
  • flushes out toxins from the system

Mental + emotional benefits

  • reduces level of stress hormone, cortisol
  • strengthens nervous system, reducing long-term stress levels

Yoga is for everyone: men, women, kids + teens, seniors, mothers-to-be and new mums. Taking your first step onto the yoga mat is an exciting new beginning. Whichever style, course or class you go with, we believe that the only way to start yoga is with the highest standard of teacher in the best environment. Building a solid foundation is the most important part of your yoga practice.

The best way to begin

A Beginners Yoga Class is the idea way to begin your practice. You will be alongside other beginners, discovering yoga in a safe and fun space. The practice builds week by week, providing a solid foundation.If Beginners Course times don’t work for your schedule, then Level 1, Open Level, Yoga Gently or Restorative classes are the best place to start.