At Douglas yoga rooms all our teacher are trained to the highest standards. Our teacher are committed to sharing their experiences with you. Having training with some of the finest teachers such Sonia Sumar, Josh Summers, Uma Dinsmore, Sarah Powers, Sri Andrei Ram Om, David Curtis to name but a few, our teachers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. Each teacher is fully certified and insured.

Anne O’Sullivan (086) 609 3123


Anne is a fully qualified Hatha Yoga teacher, Special Needs Yoga teacher, Yin Yoga teacher, holds an Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Health coaching & is an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage( AYM) therapist Anne is a registered member with Yoga Alliance.

Over the years I have worked in different industries, I had a little cafe in the Triskel, worked in advertising for over 15 years with the Irish Examiner & The Sunday Independent, great experiences and busy days. I had always been encouraged at home to try new things, and I was lucky enough to meet a great yoga teacher,  along the way. I was encouraged me to attend different classes in my travels with work, try different styles of yoga and bring yoga into my daily life.  I knew I wanted to deepen my yoga practice and decided to complete my 200hr training. Later, I continue to train with amazing teachers, Josh Summers in Yin Yoga, Sonia Sumar, in Special Needs Yoga. Sonia helped with with my own practice as well as inspiring me to bring yoga to everyone.  My hope is that my students enjoy yoga as much as I do!

Nikolina Popovic (+385 87 266 3245) I am a certified yoga teacher hatha and astanga yoga. I have been practicing yoga for more than 25 years, and for the last 15 years I have been working and teaching people helping them to find their true inner being, to get rid of negative feelings that take away their life energy and helping them to release unnecessary suffering that results from losing contact with their authenticity. As a certified meditation techer, NLP Coach, Wingwawe couch, Life Couch, Shamanic healer, therapist according to the Fillis Kristal method, Teacher of energy yoga and conscious breathing, Yin Shin method I have rich experience in supporting people in solving long-term traumas, emotional blockages and physical ailments caused by emotional energy suppressions. Through my yoga classes I combines all this knowledge and helps students to establish contact with their inner states through introduction to presence, and in this way helps them to release suppressed emotional memories. Although I have integrated all this knowledge into yoga practice through my oun experience I deeply relies on the traditional teachings of the great yoga teachers B. K. S. Iyengar and T. K. V. Desikachar and old spiritual scripts. This approach to yoga has shown excellent results for the participants because even after a short practice they are able to feel not only physical improvements, but also internal changes, a brighter outlook on life, letting go of fears, gratitude and opening to life and love. I lead classes with complete dedication and love, unreservedly sharing my experiences. I am also an autor of spiritual book “Yes, life loves you too” published in Serbia and Croatia. If you called to join you’re inner journey, if you wont to know your true nature you are more then welcome.

Svetlana 0873319883
Svetlana started to learn Iyengar yoga in 2006 and has bees learning and practicing in this tradition since then . Her friends encouraged her to start teaching yoga and she started her teaching classes in 2009 for her friends , soon, she was invited to teach in different studious. She has been teaching here in Cork for more that 10 year. Her style of teaching is gentle, each class is slightly different and covers different poses to ensure that each part of the body gets the release and movement that it needs. She is observing the students and pays attention to each student during the class, so everyone can move forward in their practice in their own individual pace.
Karolina Krzemianowska 0894187147
Karolina is a professional yoga teacher with a passion for inspiring and encouraging people everywhere to cultivate healthy habits, manage stress, find inner peace, and embrace mindfulness through yoga. As the founder of Inner Light Yoga and with over 10 years of teaching experience, Karolina loves to share her enthusiasm for wellness and her burning desire to build a thriving, wholesome community of like-minded people. She holds a 500-hour Yoga Alliance certification.

Ever since discovering the life-changing benefits of yoga and mindfulness, Karolina has become passionate about developing personalized programs and workshops so that people from all walks of life can reconnect with themselves and deal with the challenges of life. She believes that yoga holds incredible potential for transforming your lifestyle and creating positive change. She specializes in:

– yoga for beginners
– yoga for people with limited mobility and flexibility
– corporate yoga and meditation
– pregnancy yoga
– yoga for athletes

Through Inner Light Yoga, Karolina has published over 150 free yoga classes on YouTube, where she helps people find yoga practices no matter their body type, fitness level, mobility and personality. No matter your skill level, you’re bound to find a class that suits your needs.

In 2020 she joined The elbowroom faculty and offers yoga teacher training in business and teaching yoga online.

Originally from Poland, Karolina has spent the last 12 years in the beautiful country of Ireland. In her free time, she enjoys growing her own food, practice art and web design, and spending time in nature with her husband.